FVA-Workbench 8.1 released – now with new features!

The latest version includes new features and offers even more options for efficient design and optimization of gearbox components.

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These new features will revolutionize your design processes: 

1. Variation of cylindrical gear stages:
This FVA-Workbench 8.1 highlight feature can be used to quickly and clearly optimize the geometry of existing cylindrical gear stages with regard to load capacity, efficiency, and weight.

2. Multiple notches:
Many notch configurations, such as spline fillets or hollow shaft notches, cannot be sufficiently described using common methods. This new calculation module can be used to perform an FE-based load capacity analysis for these notch configurations.

3. Bolt calculations according to VDI 2230:
This new module can be used for practice-oriented designs and reliable strength calculations for bolted joints.

4. Plain bearing tables
Defined tables can be used to describe journal bearings, reducing the calculation time to a few seconds.

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Do you already have a license?
If so, you can try the new version right away.
If you can’t access the download, send an e-mail to lizenz(at)fva-service.de.

Would you like to try out the new software, but don’t have a license?
Send an e-mail with the subject "FVA-Workbench 8.0 Test License" and your hardware key to lizenz@fva-service.de.

Read more about FVA-Workbench licensing here.