"The multitude of high-quality analysis features make the FVA-Workbench an indispensable tool for gearbox development"

Bernd Cihlar, Neugart GmbH

Module descriptions

A detailed description of all FVA-Workbench features can be found here:

Module descriptions.pdf


All features at a glance

Consideration of cross influences

Consideration of loads and deformations in the entire system

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Shafts & shaft-hub calculations

Durability tests for shafts and shaft-hub connections

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Journal and thrust bearing calculations

Detailed simulation of plain bearings

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Automated calculations

Automation of complex calculation tasks

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Geometry and load capacity calculations

Detailed calculation of spur gear geometry & load capacity

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Calculation of bevel gear stages

Bevel gear geometry and load carrying capacity calculations

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High-quality reporting

Create interactive reports using drag & drop

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FVA-Simulation Hub - Next-Level Automation

Next-Level Client-Server Automation Distribution of Calculation Tasks

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Local methods for cylindrical gear flanks

Detailed calculation of local load values

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Finite element analysis (FEA)

Coupling of FEM structures with
analytical calculation models

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Highly detailed 3D model

Export of animations & CAD geometry

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Rolling bearing calculations

Design and dimensioning of
all rolling bearing types

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Dynamics (eigenvalue calculation)

Identification of critical
operating points

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Import/export of REXS models

The standardized interface for the simple exchange of gear unit data

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