FVA-Workbench Editions

Modeler Edition

Perfect for users who develop new transmission concepts, analyze existing models, or customize them for additional simulations.


Extended Edition

The standard calculation tool for all designers and engineers involved in drive system product development processes.


Advanced Edition

Provides calculation specialists with advanced FVA calculation methods for product development based on current research findings.


Standard configuration vs. optional add-on modules

The Modeler, Extended, and Advanced Editions differ in the scope of their standard configuration (the modules included in the standard package), and in the number of optional add-on modules for special individual applications. 

Optional modules can be booked directly with an FVA-Workbench edition or added subsequently.


The Extended Edition offers a larger calculation scope than the Modeler Edition, and the Advanced Edition includes even more calculation functions.

Licensing is flexible. Any FVA-Workbench edition can be upgraded to a higher version at any time. This allows you to increase the number of licenses as needed without tying up valuable capital long-term.

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License period

A Maintenance Subscription license is valid for 365 days. Additional license terms (quarter/half year/multiple years) are also possible upon request.

Use, maintenance, support, and software updates for all licensed modules are included during the license period.

Includes maintenance, support, and updates

Maintenance & support

Our customer support gives you direct access to experts from the FVA community related to your issue.


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