Introducing interop4X – New Website Now Live!

The brand-new website for the independent FVA interop4X business unit is now online. Learn about our services and all relevant information now at The website is a central resource for companies that want to take advantage of the interoperability and information exchange benefits of Industry 4.0.

interop4X specializes in the seamless integration of machines and systems from different manufacturers. Using the OPC UA open communication standard, we enable smooth and secure connections between different components to encourage efficient collaboration in industrial environments.

Our portfolio follows the guiding principle of “for machines, for communication, for you!” to effectively assist you with your transformation projects:

Share knowledge: Our comprehensive training programs and conferences prepare your team for the challenges of digital transformation. Individual and project-based learning approaches can be directly applied in industrial practice.

Connect machines: interop4X enables the integration of machines and devices from different manufactures based on OPC UA and other interoperable interfaces. The seamless flow of data ensures increased efficiency and productivity in your company.

Transfer information: With OPC UA as the underlying communication standard, interop4X ensures secure and reliable data transfer between different components for seamless information exchange in real-time.

Generate value: We help companies create value from their existing data. Improved collaboration and seamless information exchange optimize production processes and increase competitiveness to develop new business opportunities.

Visit to learn more about our services and find out how your company can profit from the interoperability of Industry 4.0. We look forward to discussing your individual needs and helping you achieve your interoperability goals.