Simulation and Calculation Software for the Drive Technology Industry

Our software solutions offer diverse calculation and simulation options to address a wide range of topics that are central to the design of gear systems.

Customer industries:

  • Automotive
  • Industrial gear units
  • Bearings
  • Aviation
  • Marine
  • Rail transport
  • Wind energy


FVA GearDesigner

FVA Workbench Base Edition

FVA Workbench Modeler Edition

FVA Workbench Extended Edition

FVA Workbench Advanced Edition

Efficient design of gearboxes with up to 3 spur and planetary gear stages.

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Geometry and standard load carrying capacity calculations for spur gears.

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Develop, analyze, and customize gearbox models.

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Gearbox calculations according to national and international standards.

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Calculations for the entire system or individual machine elements taking their environment into account.

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Included calculation modules

Standard load carrying capacity

DIN 3990, ISO 6336 (Preliminary design)

DIN 3990, ISO 6336, AGMA 2101

Geometry calculations

Power flow calculation

3D visualization

Export of CAD models

Export of gearbox animations (*.avi)

Operational stability

Help system (German / English)

Import of calculation kernel input files

Import of casings as FEM mesh

DRESP post-processor

Spur and planetary gear units, shrink fit

Shaft and bearing calculations (without environment)

Efficiency and temperature

Analytical load distribution

Load distribution and gear tooth stiffness from FEM

Optional modules

Bevel gear load distribution

Individual journal bearing calculations

Additional spur and planetary gear unit standards

Bevel gear geometry and load carrying capacity

Additional bevel gear standards

Standard worm gear calculations

Crossed helical gear calculations

Individual rolling bearing calculations

Multiple press-fit calculations

Analytical load distribution taking into account the casing stiffness

Gear mesh excitation

Bevel gear load distribution

Advanced worm calculations

Scripting interface

Automation environment