FVA at MPT Expo in Detroit

Experience the future of drive technology with the FVA-Workbench at the Motion+Power Technology Expo in Detroit! Secure your free guest pass using the code: MPT085.

Free Guest Pass

The Motion+Power Technology Expo provides a comprehensive insight into the entire value chain of power transmission, ranging from mechanical, fluid, electrical to hybrid solutions. Join us as innovations in drive technology are showcased!

Engage in dialogue with our drive technology experts, Benjamin Abert and Dennis Tazir. Let them introduce you to the innovative features of the FVA-Workbench and learn firsthand how our gear design software is setting new standards.

Motion+Power Technology Expo
TCF Center Detroit (United States)
October 17–19, 2023
Visit FVA GmbH at Booth 2518
More information at www.motionpowerexpo.com

PS: From October 16 to 18, 2023, the Fall Technical Meeting is also taking place at the venue. Dennis Tazir will be presenting on October 18, 2023, discussing "Local Load Capacity Analysis for the Design of a Balanced Flank Modification for Cylindrical Gears According to Bevel Gear Procedures". More information can be found here.