Download FVA-Workbench

You can download the latest FVA-Workbench and previous versions at any time from the Download Center.

All you need to login is a valid license ID.

Open Download-Center

Download without license ID

If you have already installed an FVA-Workbench, 
via Toolbar -> Help -> Download Updates you can also jump directly to the download.

Client license

A client license is bound to a specific computer and allows a single user to access the FVA-Workbench. The license is tied to a hardware key, which can be generated with the "Keytool" program or the FVA-Workbench startup dialog.

Download Keytool

Four-step installation process


Generate a hardware key with Keytool or the FVA-Workbench startup dialog


Send the hardware key via e-mail to lizenz(at) 


The license file will be sent to you


Load the license file (.lic) from the FVA-Workbench login dialog.

Using FVA-Workbench 4.5 and above with older versions on one network

Version 3.3 of the license server is required for older versions of the FVA-Workbench (4.0 and older).

Download License Server version 3.3

Detailed installation instructions for License Server 3.3 can be found in the detailed view in the Download Center.

To run FVA-Workbench 4.5 (or newer) simultaneously with an older FVA-Workbench (4.0 and older) via a network license, both versions of the license server must be installed. The license files are not compatible with each other.

Please note that different port numbers must be assigned for each license server.

Computer installation requirements

Operating system Windows 8, 10, 11
Processor Intel i5, i7, i9 or comparable multi-core processor
Graphics card DirectX 11-compatible graphics card
Memory 16 GB for analytical calculations, 32 GB or more for calculations with FE components
Hard disk 8 GB free space, SSD recommended

License server installation requirements

Operating system 64-bit Windows
System rights Administrator rights on the computer running the license server
Folder permissions Write permissions to the installation directory
Firewall Port 5006 (inbound) must be enabled in the firewall
Hard disk 600 MB free space