Formula Student Team Weingarten goes full speed ahead - with FVA software and seminars

In November, the Formula Student Team Weingarten attended the "Gearbox Design with the FVA-Workbench" seminar in Garching near Munich. In the seminar, drive expert Ferdinand Wikidal provided a comprehensive overview of gearbox design methods using the FVA-Workbench, the manufacturer-neutral software solution for modelling, parameterisation and calculation of transmission systems.

During the training, the members of the Formula Student Team had the opportunity to calculate the geometry and load carrying capacity of cylindrical gears, model shaft-hub connections, and analyze load distribution and gear excitation themselves. 

In addition to calculation of power loss and heat management, participants were also introduced to the FEM simulation for casing deformation, also integrated into the FVA-Workbench.

Equipped with the accumulated drive technology expertise of the FVA, the team can outrun its competitors!