New Version of the FVA-Workbench Released

With the release of the new FVA-Workbench 5.6, we have developed the simulation platform into an essential high-performance tool for transmission development.


With the new version of the software, mass calculations can now be performed in 50% less time and - thanks to new FEA features - models can be represented even more realistically. The FVA-Workbench is the only program that integrates the latest results from the FVA's research network into powerful calculation methods, guaranteeing that it is always on the cutting edge of research.

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New Features

Batch Operation - Performance Boost for Mass Calculations
For especially fast calculations in the new version 5.6 of the FVA-Workbench, tasks can be started by console command without opening the user interface. GUI updates are no longer required and calculation times can be cut in half. Model lists can also be quickly and easily defined for processing multiple models in succession without restarting the FVA-Workbench.

System-Wide FEA for Realistic Depiction of Shafts
In addition to casings and planet carriers, shafts can now be imported as CAD models in version 5.6 to provide users additional design flexibility. Internal FEM meshing and connection to the shaft-bearing system provides users accurate system rigidity without having to rely on the single-dimensional Timoshenko beam theory.

System-Wide Eigenvalue Analysis for Calculation of Critical Operating Points
With the eigenvalue calculation, critical operating conditions in the gearbox can already be identified in the early design phase. The eigenvalues are calculated using the masses and the linearized stiffnesses in the entire system at the operating point. The resulting natural frequencies are compared with the occurring excitation frequencies, and the user is then provided with a Campbell diagram for each gear stage and an animation of the eigenmodes in the 3d model.

State-of-the-Art Bevel Gear Calculations with BECAL
Thanks to FVA Research Project 223 XVI "BECAL Gear Bodies," wheel bodies can now be depicted using an FEM model. This makes it possible to assess the influence of special gear body geometries on the load carrying capacity. The new FVA-Workbench 5.6 includes extensive user-friendly dialogs and graphical tools to assist with the integration of wheel bodies for bevel and hypoid gear sets. This allows users to consider gear body deformations for load distribution calculations as early as the design phase.

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