FVA-Workbench 5.6 BETA Released

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With new software features, mass calculations can now be performed in half the time and - thanks to new FEA features - modeling is even more realistic.

The current state of research: the development of the FVA-Workbench 5.6 BETA incorporates current results from several FVA research projects.

Test FVA-Workbench 5.6 BETA free-of-charge for 6 weeks and contribute to its development.

New features:

  • Eigenvalue calculation (according to FVA 565) for complex gear types - regardless of the design or bearing arrangement.
    • Natural frequencies can be displayed as Campbell diagrams in reports and as animations in the 3D model.
  • Batch operation and scripting:
    • Optimized software architecture for greatly improved performance in batch operation.
    • Multiple models can now be loaded and calculated successively in one script.
    • Job lists now make it possible to execute multiple batch operations consecutively without restarting the FVA-Workbench.
  • Consideration of FE shafts in the overall system for calculation of shaft displacement, taking the exact shaft geometry, including notch geometry, into consideration.
  • Consideration of wheel bodies in the load distribution and damage calculation of bevel gears (FVA 223 XVI)

The real-world efficiency and user-friendliness of the software are our top development priorities. 
Send us your feedback and requests by 11 November, 2019 for them to be included in FVA-Workbench 5.6.

Any comments received after this date will be considered for future releases.

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More information about licensing and how to generate a hardware key can be found here or in our FAQs.

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