Launch: FVA-TechBlog

Our very first Techblog article is about designing low-noise gears. Check it out!

Vibrations in the audible frequency range between 20 Hz and 20 kHz can be detected as noise, and may also lead to component fatigue and cost-intensive damage. These undesirable effects can already be avoided in the design phase by analyzing and optimizing the excitation behavior of the gearbox. With its user-friendly implementation of scientifically proven methods, the FVA-Workbench simulation platform can be used for exactly this purpose.

What causes vibrations in the tooth mesh?

Multiple gear teeth engage simultaneously, with the contact ratio indicating the average number. In most cases, areas of single contact alternate with areas of double contact. The teeth also absorb different amounts of the load, so the amount of deformation is constantly changing. This leads to variations in the gear stiffness across the path of contact.

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