In the fast lane with the FVA-Workbench

New FVA-Workbench script for validation of the extension to ISO 6336:2006 for FVA Workbench 4.5


Do you want to quickly test changes to standards and take advantage of the benefits of tomorrow? For users of the FVA Workbench 4.5, the future is available now.

An FVA Workbench script for validating the extension to ISO 6336:2006 has been developed and tested for the FVA Workbench 4.5 in collaboration with the Gear Research Center (Forschungsstelle für Zahnräder und Getriebebau, or FZG).

The script can be used with all FVA Workbench 4.5 models. This gives users the opportunity to validate new standards before they are published. The FVA Workbench scripting feature makes it possible to compare standards simply, quickly, and economically. In particular, current developments can be easily adapted to test the impact of changes without causing unwanted side effects to existing calculations. Thus, this tool is ideal for supporting ongoing development or standardization processes.

The solution of complex processes and the path to advanced knowledge can be reduced to a single mouse click. As an FVA Workbench 4.5 user, you do not have to worry about additional costs or complex installations - leaving you more time to dedicate to your product.

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