All cross-influences between the machine elements of a complete gear system in operation must be taken into consideration for appropriate gearbox system design. These cross-influences depend on the elasticity of the machine elements, which leads to a complex deformation state.

For the system-level calculation, the power flow and deformations of the entire gearbox are calculated. All forces, displacements, etc. are automatically passed on to the individual machine elements. Thus, deformation cross-influences are considered for all further load carrying capacity calculations. 

For example, the load distribution of cylindrical gears is significantly influenced by the deformation behavior of the shaft-bearing systems and the casing.

Accurate knowledge of these constraints allows engineers to make well-informed decisions on the optimal design of transmission systems early in the development process.

The system-level calculation is the basis for most of the following calculations. Loads and deformations can be used as input variables for subsequent load carrying capacity calculations.

The results of the system calculation include:

  • Flank load distribution
  • Proposed face modification according to FVA 30
  • Shaft bending line as well as shear force and bending moment profiles

Calculation results (selection)

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