The FVA-Workbench can be used to calculate the geometry and load carrying capacity of involute cylindrical gears based on FVA 241.

The geometry calculations go far beyond the specifications in DIN 3960. The cylindrical gear geometry is generated by rolling with 2 tools with different design features, including freely selectable protuberances, tooth tip chamfer angles, and measuring lines. Various tool types and manufacturing processes are available.

The manufacturing simulation can precisely predict the tooth geometry and especially the fillet, which are then used for the standard calculation and the calculation of the local load carrying capacity.



The load carrying capacity can be calculated according to a wide range of calculation methods. All important national and international standards are covered, including:

  • ISO 6336 (2006)
  • DIN 3990
  • AGMA 2101 (D04)

The load carrying capacity can also be calculated according to classification society regulations, methods based on FVA research projects, and historical methods.

Calculation results (selection)

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