FVA-Workbench 8.0 released!

The latest FVA Workbench version 8.0 is now available for use in your gearbox development.

The latest version offers a wide range of powerful new features, from a new gear design module, to the influence of the wheel body during a complete rollover, to new display options for 3D images and animation of the gearbox kinematics in reports.

With its powerful calculation methods, the FVA-Workbench makes it possible to significantly reduce calculation times and quickly achieve optimal gear designs.

Download FVA-Workbench 8.0 now

A selection of the new features in FVA-Workbench 8.0:

  • Ovalization of FE components at bearing seats
  • FEM influence coefficient method for bevel and hypoid gears
  • Audio output of the transmission error for cylindrical and bevel gear stages
  • Optional modeling of stiff shafts and wheel bodies in the overall system
  • New scripting functions
  • Distributed calculations with the FVA Simulation Hub
  • …and more!
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Do you already have a license?

If so, you can try the new version right away.
If you can’t access the download, send an e-mail to lizenz(at)fva-service.remove-this.de.

Would you like to try out the new software, but don’t have a license?

Send an e-mail with the subject "FVA-Workbench 8.0 Test License" and your hardware key to lizenz@fva-service.de.

Read more about FVA-Workbench licensing here.