­REXS 1.4 released

Simple Exchange of Gearbox Data

The latest version of the REXS - Reusable Engineering EXchange Standard is now available. REXS 1.4 creates a common, comprehensive, and open description for gearbox structures.

In gearbox development processes, gearbox models are often created in multiple software applications. Although these tools work with the same data (number of teeth, center distance, etc.), they are generally not compatible with each other. The result: time-consuming manual data entry and a high risk of running simulations with outdated data.

The solution: REXS, a freely accessible parametric data model which enables all involved tools to exchange data. Models no longer need to be generated in each of the individual tools, which minimizes both data exchange errors and the amount of effort required for creating models in the various CAE tools.

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New in version 1.4:

- Generic representation of point clouds for FE-mesh modeling
- Modeling of the geometry and load carrying capacity of shaft-hub connections
- Analysis of the load capacity according to FKM for various machine elements
- Base64 encoding option

More information at www.rexs.info.