Live Online Seminar: Transmissions in Electric Vehicles

Necessity and Potential for Increased Efficiency


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It is often said that "electric vehicles don't need a transmission." However, most currently available electric vehicles feature an integrated transmission, even though it may not be shiftable. Adjusting the speed-torque characteristics of the drive via a transmission is also necessary and beneficial for electric vehicles. In addition to non-shiftable transmissions, shiftable transmissions (with a low number of gears) also offer considerable potential for reducing the energy consumption of electric vehicles by ca. 5-15% compared to a fixed gear ratio, depending on the class and usage of the vehicle.

The FVA "Transmissions in Electric Vehicles" seminar will start with a review of the basics of transmission technology, from conventional to hybrid and electric vehicles. Building on this, we will discuss current solutions for electric vehicle transmissions and demonstrate their necessity. Then, we will look ahead to the potential of multi-gear electric vehicles and provide a summary of current research in the field.

Target Audience

This seminar is intended for interested professionals from development, calculation, sales, or other areas of electric vehicle drive technology.

Main Topics

The seminar will address the following technical topics:

  • Overview of transmission technology in conventional and electric drives
  • Electric powertrain components
  • The need for transmissions in electric vehicles
  • Potential of multi-gear electric vehicles and current research at the Institute for Mechatronic Systems


The goal of this seminar is to review the basics of transmission technology and explain the necessity for and advantages of transmissions in electric vehicles. We will also demonstrate the potential of multi-gear electric vehicles.


Tobias Peichl

Technical University of Darmstadt