Damage Mechanisms and Operationally Stable Dimensioning of Shaft-Hub Connections

Friction Corrosion - Dimensioning - Splined Shaft Connections - Non-Circular Shaft-Hub Connection Profiles

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Advanced Seminar


09.03. – 10.03.2022


09.03.2022, 10:45-17:45 CET
10.03.2022, 09:00-15:30 CET


Parkring 6
85748 Garching bei München





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Shaft-Hub Connections (WNV) are commonly used at exposed locations in nearly all technical systems. Failure of shaft-hub connections can bring the entire system to a standstill, which often leads to high follow-up costs. Knowledge of damage mechanisms and their influencing factors is essential for avoiding damage such as shaft fractures or unwanted plastic deformation. FVA and FKM have been performing research in the field of shaft-hub connections for more than 30 years. The results of this research form the foundation of related internationally recognized standards, which are also a part of many contracts.

Target Audience

Calculation and design engineers with basic knowledge of the design and calculation of shaft-hub connections who would like to learn about the current state of research.

Main Topics


Seminar Day 1

Standardized Dimensioning: Calculation of fatigue strength according to DIN 743, designing feather key connections (PFV) and press-fits (PV) according to DIN 6892 and DIN 7190-1,2; friction coefficients.

Friction corrosion: Appearance, modeling analysis, inclusion in dimensioning.

Test results of selected shaft-hub connections: Feather key connections (PFV), press-fits (PV), knurled interference fits; operationally stable dimensioning, combined dynamic loads, stress sensitivity, survival probability

Seminar Day 2
Spline shaft connections: Operating and wear behavior, evaluation of wear and geometrical strength, basic calculations according to DIN 5466, spline shaft and knurled connections with press-fit, profile variants, examples of damage, countermeasures, and notes on construction.
Shaft-hub connections with non-round profiles: Geometry of shaft-hub connections with non-round profiles, form and friction fit degrees, DIN 32711 standardized polygonal couplings, connection profiles with complex cycloids, causes of failure, design, calculation, manufacturing possibilities.

Outlook: Custom contours for optimal use.


The aim of the seminar is to present element-specific standards along with the latest research results. Damage mechanisms will be explained using actual examples from industry, and appropriate measures for damage avoidance based on the latest research will be introduced. International competitive advantages can be gained based on the leading worldwide research in the field of shaft-hub connections. Participants will be able to apply current standards and software to their tasks. They will also be familiar with the latest research results in the field of shaft-hub connections and will be able to integrate this into the design of their products.


Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Erhard Leidich

TU Chemnitz, Institut für Konstruktions- und Antriebstechnik (IKAT)


Dr.-Ing. Günter Schäfer

TU Clausthal


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Masoud Ziaei

Westsächsische Hochschule Zwickau - University of Applied Sciences Zwickau