Live Online Seminar: Basics of Electric Machines

Design - Operation – Modeling - Application


Fundamentals Seminar




11.10.2023 09:30 - 11:55 Uhr 

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An electric machine is a central part of every electric drive system. An understanding of the underlying behavior principles of electric machines and experience with the fundamental modeling methods are crucial for the design of the entire drive system.

Target Audience

This seminar is intended for mechatronics engineers, mechanical engineers, and all who are involved in the development of other drive components and would like to become familiar with electric machines.

Main Topics

  • Classification of electric machines
  • Typical application areas of electric machines, with a focus on drive systems
  • Basic principles of the design and different types of electric machines
  • Operation of electric machines based on fundamental electromagnetic laws
  • Basics of mathematical modeling of electric machines: equivalent circuit diagrams, vector diagrams, power flow diagrams
  • Introduction to the calculation of electric machines: key analytical methods (e.g. winding factors), overview of the finite element method (principles, software tools)
  • Extensive bibliography structured by machine type, application area, and level of detail


Participants will receive a unified concept of the operation, construction, and application of electric machines (EM). The seminar focuses on permanent magnet and electrically activated synchronous machines, induction machines, and reluctance machines. First, the basic design principles, operation, and mathematical modeling of various EM machine types will be explained. After an overview of the specific EM applications for drive and power generation systems, practical advice on selecting the optimal machine type will be given. Finally, participants will be provided with an overview of classic analytical and modern numerical methods for the calculation of electric machines.


Olga Korolova

ProFluxx GmbH