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Live Online Seminar: Transient Processes of Electric Machines

Overview – Damage Risks - Typical Time Profiles


Advanced Seminar




13.09.2023, 10:00 - 11:30 CET

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The dynamic characteristics of an electric drive are largely determined by the transient behavior of the electric machine. Understanding the causes and physical properties of different transient processes in an electric motor and the associated risk damage is essential.

Target Audience

Developers of electric machines and drive systems; engineers who commission drive systems or deal with the dynamics of electric drives.

Main Topics

The contents will be clarified using practical examples, with a focus on possible damage risks, accompanied by graphs of relevant time profiles. The following topics will be addressed:

  • Overview of typical transient processes for different types and applications of electric machines
  • Risk factors of transient processes: mechanical, electromagnetic, and thermal stresses and damage
  • Failures: impact short circuits, grid faults
  • Work processes during mains operation: start-up, braking, load point changes, load absorption, load shedding, synchronization
  • Work processes during inverter operation: start-up, braking, load point changes
  • Machine and drive design requirements for minimizing dynamic risks due to dynamic stresses.


We will begin with an overview of practice-relevant transient processes and the associated risks for electric machines (e.g. isolation damage) and the drive system (e.g. inverter damage). Typical time profiles of electric and mechanical state variables will be presented and the most important characteristics will be defined for each transient process. We will also discuss the machine and drive parameters that have the strongest influence on these transient processes. Analytical calculation methods will be illustrated for selected dynamic processes.

Contents and practical examples include:

  • Machine types: ASM, PMSM, SPSM
  • Applications: inverter motors, grid motors and generators, generators for isolated operation


Olga Korolova

ProFluxx GmbH