Client License

A client license is bound to a specific computer and allows a single user to access the FVA Workbench. The license is tied to a hardware key. This key and how it is created varies depending on the version of the FVA Workbench.

FVA-Workbench Version 4.5 or higher

As of version 4.5, the hardware key can be generated directly from the FVA Workbench login screen. Alternatively, the Keytool can be used if the Workbench is not yet installed.

Keytool Version 4.0

FVA Workbench 4.0 and earlier

Keytool, a small separate program, is required to generate the hardware key.


Keytool Version 2.2



Network License

With a network license, any number of users on the same network can access a product license. The license server manages the distribution of licenses to the users. Both versions of the license server can operate simultaneously.

The hardware key of the computer running the license server is required to create a server license.





Using Workbench 4.5 - 5.0 and an older version on a network

Both versions of the license server must be installed to run FVA-Workbench 4.5 and an older version of the FVA-Workbench (4.0 and previous) simultaneously using a network license. The license files are not compatible with one another.

Please note that different port numbers must be assigned for each license server.