FVA-Workbench Base Edition

Fast and practical simulation of cylindrical gear stages

FVA-Workbench Base Edition is a tool for calculating the geometry and standard load capacity of cylindrical gears. The software can be used to determine the geometry of external gears, calculate and validate gear engagement, and perform load capacity calculations according to common standards (AGMA 2101-D04; DIN 3990:1987; ISO 6336:2006).

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FVA-Workbench Base Edition

Reliable calculation of the geometry and standard load carrying capacity of cylindrical gears

The gear hobbing process is simulated for manufacturing using rack-shaped tools and cutting wheels. This simulation consists of the calculation of the exact tooth root shape (also for helical gears), taking into account the machining allowance for pre-machining, and automatic determination of the required generating addendum modification.

Automatic interference checks verify that sufficient minimum topland width and root clearance are present. A collision check between the tooth tip and mating gear root is also performed. In addition to cylindrical gears, FVA-Workbench BaseEdition can also simulate planetary gears.

Developed from research and with leading drive technology companies

All FVA software solutions are continuously developed, expanded, and validated based on the latest results of FVA e.V. research and in close cooperation with leading companies from the drive technology industry. These companies have come together to form a consortium to ensure that FVA software is directly aligned with the pulse of the industry.

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Features and benefits

User-friendly interface saves time

FVA-Workbench Base Edition's user-friendly interface makes it easy for beginners and occasional users to quickly and easily familiarize themselves with the software. The data entry process, tailored precisely to each specific calculation, also allows for a fast and efficient workflow.

Templates help you work quickly and efficiently

The modeling process begins with the template wizard, where you can choose the arrangement that best fits your specific application from predefined gear unit structures. In the following steps, you are guided through the process of specifying the basic data for the individual gear stages. The geometry calculation can be performed as soon as the data for all stages has been entered. In many cases, concrete sample values and calculation methods are provided to simplify the data input process. This makes it possible to create a basic design in just a few clicks. Calculations can be refined by making step-by-step adjustments to the values and calculation methods, leading to increasingly more precise results.

Helpful feedback simplifies the design process

The FVA-Workbench Base Edition features integrated logic to provide the user with detailed feedback regarding missing information. Digital assistants show where missing information must be provided in order to perform calculations with consistent data.

Clear results

The FVA-Workbench Base Edition can save calculation reports in .doc(x) and .pdf formats. This provides a comprehensive and clearly structured overview of calculations. Results are clearly presented and categorized, enabling you to analyze and document cylindrical gears based on recognized standards.

Tutorials: Designing a gearbox with FVA-Workbench Base Edition

Geometry calculation according to DIN 3960

Load capacity calculation according to ISO 6336:2006

Creating a planetary gear stage


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