From catalog calculations to local consideration of rolling contacts, the FVA-Workbench supports the user with a wide range of calculation options based on several FVA research projects.

The level of detail of the calculations is largely determined by the amount of internal geometry data available. If the external dimensions and load ratings are known, the service life can be calculated according to DIN/ISO 281. Manufacturer catalogs are also available to simplify the selection of bearings.

Extended rolling bearing service life

The calculation of the extended rolling bearing service life according to DIN 26281 is based on the internal bearing loads, which are determined taking the installation and operating conditions into account. The load distribution on the individual rolling elements is determined based on the shaft and bearing deformations under load. In the case of line contact, the pressure across the length of the roller is solved. Thus, edge wear can be reliably determined under the influence of rolling element profiling. 

If the exact contact situation is known, the power loss can be precisely calculated. The calculation methods were scientifically proven in FVA research project 701 and validated in bench tests.

SKF Calculation Service

SKF Calculation Service is a cloud-based solution for calculating the life and stiffness of rolling bearings. This feature enables the consideration of the exact geometry of SKF bearings. This includes taking into account the bearing stiffness, which is determined by the SKF Calculation Service taking into account the actual bearing internal geometry (number and size of rolling elements, osculation or profiling, etc.). If the bearing life is calculated, the (extended) reference life according to ISO/TS 16281 is also determined by the SKF calculation service.