The complete specification is published at:

REXS (Reusable Engineering EXchange Standard) is the standardized interface for exchanging gearbox data within the drive technology industry. System-independent technical gearbox information can be exchanged using this interface.

The FVA-Workbench is reference software for the development of the interface and can always export and import gearbox models in the current REXS format. This makes it possible to transfer gearbox models between different CAE systems in order to make optimal use of their respective strengths.

The aim of the REXS initiative is to provide a "digital twin" in gearbox development and calculation. REXS defines a uniform modeling and nomenclature for the gearbox and its components across standards and industries. The REXS specification is free-of-charge, manufacturer-independent, and published as an open source project under the Creative Commons license.