The Qualified Innovation Manager

Situational Analysis - Portfolio Analysis - Analysis of Strengths and Weaknesses

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Fundamentals Seminar


21.05. – 22.05.2019


21.05.2019, 09:00-18:00 Uhr
22.05.2019, 08:45-17:45 Uhr


Parkring 6
85748 Garching bei München



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Standard: 1,885.00 €
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As a result of the increasing speed of innovation and shorter innovation cycles, more and more companies are starting to realize that conventional R&D management is not enough. Innovation management responds to this challenge, and is applied before the classic product design process, in which R&D basics and market motivation are given priority.

Target Audience

This seminar is especially aimed at newcomers to the field of innovation management. It covers methods throughout the entire innovation process. This seminar will be just as interesting for future innovation managers as for employees who are becoming increasingly responsible for innovation management, such as employees from research and development.

Main Topics

Participants will work in small groups on a concrete and complete case study, and will learn to apply current methods of innovation management consistently and practically.

Day 1
Module 1 - Presentation of the current situation (innovation background)
Module 2 - Introduction to Innovation
Module 3 - Trends and Search Fields
Module 4 - Laws of Technical Development

Day 2
Module 5 - Strategy DevelopmentModule 6 - Creativity Techniques
Module 7 - Idea Qualification and Assessment
Module 8 - Business Case


Through practical training, participants will be able to apply the methods of innovation management. After the seminar, participants will be more and more comfortable thinking about alternatives and stepping outside the comfort zone of tried and true optimization. This will support the company in establishing and professional development of innovation systems. Companies benefit from a stronger direction (benefit) and speed of implementation (time) in the design of particularly radical innovations.


Bert Miecznik

WITTENSTEIN SE - Innovation Lab & Foresight, managing director of Qreativraum

Dr. Bruno J. Scherb

Ingenieurbüro SCHERB

Maik Tietz

Voith Turbo GmbH & Co. KG