FVA Drive Technology Conferences

E-MOTIVE – Expert Forum for Electric Drives

04.09. - 05.09.2019 in Schweinfurt

Call for papers until 14 April, 2019

Forward-looking trends and key technologies for electric drives are the focus of the E-MOTIVE expert forum. Top speakers from the E-MOTIVE Innovation Network will present the latest research and industry experience. As a link between university research and the industry, this interactive event connects experts and specialists across the field of electric mobility and promotes direct dialogue.

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GETPRO – The Gear Production Conference

The goal of the GETPRO conference is to promote the exchange of knowledge and experience between engineers and technicians who are involved in or responsible for the design, development, production, assembly, logistics, and operation of gear drives. The individual technical presentations offer both manufacturers of machines and components as well as users with practical experience the opportunity to share their knowledge.

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BEARING WORLD – International Bearing Conference

31.03.2020 - 01.04.2020 in Hannover

BEARING WORLD focuses on all aspects of bearings. In technology, wherever there is movement, rolling bearings are an essential element. This is as true for general mechanical engineering as it is for the automotive industry. The goal of BEARING WORLD is to promote the international exchange of knowledge and experience between universities and engineers from the industry who are involved in or responsible for the construction, development, manufacturing and assembly, or the practical operation of bearings.

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GETLUB – The Tribology and Lubricant Conference

The GETLUB conference focuses on the areas of friction, wear, and lubrication. From technologies for the optimization of friction processes, standards and guidelines, to the application of lubricants, this practice-oriented conference offers groundbreaking contents and showcases the latest trends. The goal of the GETLUB conference is to provide engineers and technicians from the broad spectrum of tribology a platform for exchanging experience and networking.

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SIMPEP – The Conference for Drive Technology Simulation Methods

The SIMPEP conference focuses on drive technology simulation methods, and showcases innovations and applications of modern software solutions within the specialized context of drive technology. During the conference, participants will receive an excellent overview of current events and the trends of tomorrow from multiple technical presentations from the fields of research and industry. The conference will be accompanied by a technical exhibition, which will provide a direct opportunity for networking and discussion between manufacturers and users in the field of simulation.

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12th International Fluid Technology Colloquium (IFK) 2020 - Call for Papers

9 to 11 March 2020 in Dresden

As one of the world's most important conferences in the field of hydraulic and pneumatic drive and control technology, the IFK has established itself as a main exchange platform for the industry's experts in Europe. On an international level, it offers operators, manufacturers and scientists the opportunity to present innovations and discuss development trends.

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