Next Level Transmission Development with FVA and AVL

Leading drive technology companies FVA GmbH and AVL have joined forces to take their customers to the highest level of transmission development.

The market is changing rapidly. The transition to electric drive systems as well as increasing amounts of virtualization bring new challenges to drive technology companies on a daily basis. FVA GmbH and AVL have joined forces to respond to these market developments, with the goal of supporting their customers in transitioning to the highest level of virtual transmission development.

“I am excited to announce our new cooperation with AVL. By joining our powerful software with the products of the world's largest powertrain systems developer, we are making it possible for our customers to take virtual gearbox development to a whole new level. By combining the FVA-Workbench's proven design analysis capabilities with AVL's multiphysics simulation suite, we have created the most comprehensive gearbox analysis solution available on the market. We now cover the entire development process, from concept to calibration, with high-quality methods and models. Our cooperation with the AVL-Network allows us to offer our leading products to customers around the world.” Norbert Haefke, Managing Director, FVA GmbH


  • Leading calculation and simulation methods, based on more than 50 years of research​​​​​​
  • Analytical and numerical methods are developed, analyzed, and validated in FVA research projects
  • Modern user interface, which makes modeling easy and gives access to a wide range of engineering expertise

AVL Simulation Suite:

  • EXCITE: Durability and NVH analysis based on fully flexible structural dynamics simulation
  • PreonLab: Highly efficient lubrication analysis with particle based CFD
  • FIRE M: Optimization of Performance, Efficiency and Thermal aspects of propulsion systems, based on multi-physics CFD
  • CRUISE M: Virtual System Integration, Function Development and Calibration