Next-Level Software Simplifies Gearbox Development

The FVA-Workbench is now cloud-ready to help companies accelerate gearbox development.

Virtual process steps are an integral part of modern transmission development. Companies that want to keep up with technology can no longer afford not to include simulations in their product development and evaluation processes.

Development departments have to dedicate more and more time to the preparation and processing of simulation data. The amount of effort required for calculations increases with the precision of the simulation.

The solution: The FVA Simulation Hub

To help drive technology companies accelerate their development processes, FVA has made the FVA-Workbench calculation and simulation software, previously only available as a desktop version, cloud-capable.

FVA calculations can be executed decentrally on the company's network in a powerful, server-based calculation environment, the FVA Simulation Hub. There are no limits to scalability and parallel operation. Thousands of calculations can be performed in parallel in the shortest possible time.

The FVA Simulation Hub can be easily integrated into development processes and offers high-quality, globally unique simulation capabilities along the entire value chain, from sales to condition monitoring. The system is flexible and adaptable, and can be integrated into almost any system environment with REXS, the standardized interface for the simple exchange of gear unit data.

The FVA Simulation Hub will be available Fall 2021.