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EUROTRANS Gear Weeks - Geometry and Design 24.11. - 10.12.2020

EUROTRANS continuously works together with world-class experts & trainers to create trainings for your needs. For 2020, EUROTRANS Gear Trainings will be held online with live presentations by top industry experts - three weeks packed with specialized trainings at master level. 

The comprehensive online course has been developed by EUROTRANS, the European Organization for Power Transmission Industry, in cooperation with FVA Software & Service, and leading gear experts from Germany.

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Week 1 - Trainer: Dr. Christian Wirth, MAHLE ZG Transmissions GmbH

24.11.2020: Geometry Fundamentals of Involute Gears

25.11.2020: Fundamentals of Bevel and Hypoid Gears

26.11.2020: Basics of Planetary Gears

Week 2 - Trainer: Dr. Ferdinand Wikidal, GearConsult

01.12.2020: Load Capacity Rating Based on Standards

02.12.2020: Gear Design Based on Local Methods

03.12.2020: Application of Gear Rating Methods

Week 3 - Trainer: Dr. Klaus Michaelis, Institute of Machine Elements of the Technical University of Munich, "Gear Research Center" (FZG)

08.12.2020: Optimal Use of Gear Materials

09.12.2020: Basic Rating Practice for Safely Avoiding Gear Failures

10.12.2020: Practice-oriented tests for gear lubricants

All modules are scheduled from 03:00 PM - 04:30 PM CET