Free Online Seminars: New Features of FVA-Workbench 7.0

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The new version of the FVA-Workbench will be released in November 2021. 
With new calculation methods and greatly reduced calculation times, FVA-Workbench 7.0 helps you design optimal drives even faster.

Get to know the new version before its release with our upcoming online seminars. In each of these 60-minute seminars, our software experts will give you exciting insights into the new features.

New in the FVA-Workbench 7.0:

  • Significant performance increase for system and power loss calculations
  • System-wide consideration of wheel bodies
  • Calculation of plastic gears with hyper-elastic material behavior
  • Native processing of Excel data
  • Export of DXF drawings

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FVA-Workbench 7.0 Online Seminars

28.10.2021 | New Features in FVA-Workbench 7.0

08.11.2021 | Power Loss and Efficiency Calculation in the FVA-Workbench 

09.11.2021 | FVA-Workbench AVL EXCITETM Interface for eAXLE Calculation
18.11.2021 | Local Load Capacity of Cylindrical Stages in the FVA-Workbench

22.11.2021 | Wheel Body Design in the FVA-Workbench

23.11.2021 | Calculation of Plastic Gears with Non-Linear Materials

All online seminars will be held in English and take place from 14:30 - 15:30.