Online-Live-Seminar | Basics of planetary gear drives (25.05.2022)

This online seminar provides tools for quick analysis of the torque, speed, and power properties of a planetary gearbox.

Date: 25.05.2022, 09:30-11:00 CEST

Language: English

Price Standard: 145.00 € (excl. VAT) 

Instructor: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Doleschel, Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences (Faculty for Business Administration and Engineering)


Main Topics:

  • Analysis of speed, torque, and power according to VDI 2157 
  • Wolf diagrams 
  • Kutzbach plans
  • Efficiency of planetary gearsets 

Target Audience:

This seminar is intended for engineers and managers who would like an overview of the basic calculation rules and properties of planetary gearsets, and to get a first impression of possible designs. It is also suitable for those with basic knowledge of planetary gears who would like to refresh their understanding of the fundamentals. 


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