FVA-Workbench Version 4.5 Released

he FVA drive technology calculation and simulation platform is now even more powerful with a new, more flexible licensing structure.


The new FVA Workbench version 4.5 supports more efficient development tasks with a flexible licensing structure, new simulation features, and expanded presentation of results. Users can now tailor the scope of the FVA simulation platform precisely to their specific functional and timing requirements.

“With the new licensing structure of the FVA Workbench version 4.5, we are able to accommodate the requests of many of our customers to align the scope of services as well as the cost of our software to their specific applications. This makes FVA Workbench 4.5 a powerful simulation tool for the entire gear development process" explained Norbert Haefke, Managing Director of FVA GmbH.

New License Model Offers Additional Pricing and Service Structure Flexibility

The new FVA Workbench 4.5 licensing model includes three editions that offer powerful features for design, calculation, simulation, and validation tasks. Additional feature enhancements are available for each FVA Workbench 4.5 edition for special applications. These can be added right away or subsequently.

Modeler Edition:Modeling and parameterization of gearboxes
Extended Edition:Calculation and simulation of machine elements according to national and international standards
Advanced Edition:Calculation and simulation of machine elements and the entire system, including consideration of their environment

Every edition of FVA Workbench 4.5 offers the user all necessary functions to design and parameterize gearbox models and to calculate the power flow. The user-oriented operating concept actively supports users in creating consistent models. Visualization and animation make it possible to intuitively understand even the most complex gearbox models. Models can also be exported to other CAD programs for further processing.

Any version of FVA Workbench 4.5 can be upgraded to a higher edition at any time and for a flexible period. This makes it possible to temporarily increase the number of licenses as necessary. Standalone and network licenses are available. All FVA Workbench 4.5 editions include maintenance, expert support, and updates for the licensed period.

Calculation Methods from the Leading Drive Technology Research Network

The functions of the FVA Workbench are continuously defined, reviewed, and expanded in cooperation with the leading drive technology research institutions and companies within the FVA expert network.

  • Geometry, load carrying capacity, design, and calculation of worm gears
  • Geometry and load carrying capacity of crossed helical gear stages
  • Cylindrical gear shrink fit calculations
  • Calculation of load distribution with gear tooth stiffness from FEM

Consideration of the Casing Stiffness

The new "consideration of the casing stiffness" feature makes it possible to include the influence of the casing stiffness on the deformation of the shaft-bearing system. The deformation of the shafts, and thus the load distribution across the facewidth of the mesh, changes as a result of the consideration of the cross influences between the bearing seats. This effect plays a decisive role, particularly with high forces or soft casings.

The casing can be imported as an FEM mesh and positioned with respect to the gearbox. Nodes on the bearing seats are automatically detected to create a stiffness matrix. This is then used in the analytical calculation of the cross influences in the entire gearbox system.

Furthermore, the following helpful illustrations have been added in the 3D visualization:

  • Local and global cutting planes through the gearbox model
  • Automatic dimensioning of shafts
  • Representation of shaft deflection curves
  • Visual representation of the power flow in the gearbox

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