Maintenance Subscription Licenses

Always Supported and Up-to-Date

FVA GmbH software solutions are continually updated to respond to the demands of the drive technology industry and the latest research. We offer Maintenance Subscription Licenses for our software solutions, so that our customers always have access to these developments. With the maintenance subscription license model you receive free maintenance, software updates, and direct access to our expert support team during the licensed period. This helps you to secure your software investments and ensure that you always have access to the latest features.

You can use multiple versions in parallel to test the effects of new standards and features on your products. Of course, we always recommend that you use the newest version, as it includes the latest bug fixes and enhancements. If you have questions regarding licensing or using older versions, our team of experts is happy to assist you.

Benefits at a Glance

Maintenance & Support - Stay Productive

We are driven by your success. With our three levels of support, you get direct access to experts from the FVA Community who can help you with your specific problem.

Updates - Stay on the Cutting Edge

Whether by small improvements or continually providing you with the latest innovations, we help you keep your development processes on the cutting edge of technology.

Secure Investments – Control Costs

You don't have to worry about additional costs for maintenance, software updates, and support during the license period. If you wish to extend your maintenance license subscription, a new invoice amount for the extension period will be due.

Licensing Options

Client License – For Use on a Single Workstation

  • For individual users
  • Hardware-bound
  • Location-bound
  • One license per user

The number of FVA Workbench installations is identical to the number of licenses. Every user must obtain an individual license from lizenz(at) This license is only valid for the specific hardware on which the license key was generated. The license cannot be transferred to different hardware. If the hardware needs to be replaced (either in part or the full workstation), a new license must be requested. The costs are waived for the remaining license period. In this case, the licensee must certify in writing that the original license has been destroyed.

Floating License – Flexibility for Businesses

  • For institutional users
  • Hardware-independent
  • Location-bound
  • Parallel users

With this type of license, the number of computers on which the FVA Workbench is installed is irrelevant. The license can be shared among any number of users, and can be accessed by multiple users simultaneously corresponding to the number of licenses that have been purchased. It is essential that the FVA Workbench has an active network connection to the licensing server. It is not necessary to obtain a new license when changing hardware.

This type of licensing requires that an additional piece of software, the Server License Manager, is installed on a server to manage the licenses at the company location. A license key must be generated for the server hardware during installation of the Server License Manager. The number of licenses the company will be using simultaneously must also be specified.





License Request Forms

FVA SIMPACK Bundle License for Research Centers

Are you performing research work on behalf of FVA and need an FVA SIMPACK bundle license?


License for FVA Modules

Are you an FVA member with a SIMPACK license who would like to use FVA modules?


Notification of Changes to Existing Licenses

Has something changed with your existing license(s)?


Research and Education License

Would you like to request an FVA Workbench license for your research center?

Request via e-mail

FVA SIMPACK Bundle License for FVA Members

Are you an FVA member who would like to use the FVA SIMPACK bundle?