Software Development for the Drive Technology Industry

FVA GmbH develops practice-oriented calculation and simulation software for the drive technology industry based on the results of research by FVA e.V. (Forschungsvereinigung Antriebstechnik – Research Association for Drive Technology).

In collaboration with a network of experts from the fields of research and industry, we combine in-depth expertise with the latest software standards to develop quality solutions that meet the high expectations of our customers. We systematically implement the latest functionalities, developed from collective industrial research and validated by a broad range of users, into our modern and practice-oriented software solutions.

Structured Development Process for Application of Knowledge

FVA Software is developed based on a structured and moderated process. This phase-oriented process, from concept to industry-ready application, is developed and implemented by FVA GmbH's IT experts for the FVA community. Concept development takes place at FVA research centers based on the theoretical principles of an FVA research project, with the primary goal of developing prototype algorithms that are evaluated and extensively tested by FVA expert groups. If this results in a breakthrough with industry-wide application and value, the concept is developed into research software. This is also done at FVA research centers in compliance with high-quality software development standards.

FVA GmbH oversees this process as an advisory body for quality software development in accordance with "Clean Code" principles. In this way, FVA manages the transparent documentation of research results and algorithms. The final development step is the transfer of the research software into a software application for integration in the FVA Workbench, the central simulation platform. FVA GmbH performs this process in close collaboration with researchers and users. The result is user-friendly software with long-term applicability that has been extensively documented, validated, and developed according to transparent, practice-oriented considerations.

Professional Development for Industry-Wide Progress

Through strong support from the German research community and the FVA e.V network, the FVA Workbench computing platform and its underlying foundation are continually developed and driven by requirements from the industry. FVA GmbH provides professional software structures for these enhancements and complements them with innovative features for the best possible application in industrial practice. This enables us to develop innovative and future-oriented solutions that secure our customers' investments.

Software overview