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FVA-Workbench Version 5.0 Released - State-of-the-Art Drive Simulation

The latest release of the simulation platform combines drive technology expertise from the fields of research, industry, and software development. The long-awaited version 5.0 of the FVA-Workbench offers new, powerful calculation methods and sophisticated options for displaying results.

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REXS – A Standardised Gearbox Model for the Simple Exchange of Gearbox Data

The first version of the REXS interface (Reusable Engineering EXchange Standard) is freely available under Creative Commons License (CC-BY-SA). REXS defines an industry-wide uniform modelling and nomenclature for the gearbox and its components based on the detailed terminology of 25 of FVA's project...

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FVA Workbench Version 4.6 Released – The FVA drive technology software is now even more powerful, with an extended range of calculations and CAD export capabilities

The new FVA Workbench 4.6 provides engineers with calculation methods based on the latest research. This includes standard calculation methods for bevel gears, and improvements to complete gearbox calculations which increase the quality of shaft, bearing, and gear simulations.

Native CAD Formats –...

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In the fast lane with the FVA Workbench - New FVA Workbench script for validation of the extension to ISO 6336:2006 for FVA Workbench 4.5

Do you want to quickly test changes to standards and take advantage of the benefits of tomorrow? For users of the FVA Workbench 4.5, the future is available now.

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